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Who We Are

Permanently focused on upgrading the level of our service, introducing new technologies and using efficiently the inner potential and external resources, we offer a range of on-time and guaranteed delivery services for individuals and corporations.

Our general partner is CDEK.

Development means for us the appearance of new ideas on a permanent basis and the implementation of the best of them in practice. Furthermore, it suggests upgrading the standard of service through the development and introduction of most recent technologies.

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Why Choose Us


Price Policy
Keeping our prices significantly lower than those of foreign express delivery companies we maintain the quality of our service in line with modern international logistics requirements.


We can meet your demand in any Russian city.


You can trace your cargo at any stage of delivery.


Acknowledgement of Receipt
ach order of the customer can be traced to date by the bill number. After fulfilling the order, each customer is notified thereof in a manner convenient for the customer.

Out team

“The system the values of our customers determines solutions and tools that we use to provide services to logistics and express delivery.” Kate Mironova Director

“To hear the client, to understand him, and that is important to him! We always rely on the efficiency and flexibility in decision making, so our services and the results exceed expectations.” Valya Tarbeeva Manager

“When I come to work I take with them not only the professionalism and the desire to help a client, I take a great mood.” Alina Chernikh Manager

“In our business a speed is important. The speed in decision making, the speed in the organization of logistics. But the important thing is not to miss a single detail.” Stepan Rogov Manager

Our history


A system of international shipments with the shortest deadlines and cost effective for the customer.

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The project to open offices in Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo.

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Become a key logistics operator in international projects Priangarye (Data Center, Air City, Siberian Li).

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Launching the project Drone delivery.

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